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i LOVE the new sorry! game. very ingenious!

and the food, oh the food! yum yum yum.

boo on the transport system, what a pain! glad everyone made it home (eventually!)


Does this mean that you and Hideaki will be moving to Canada? It sounds like you are missing it, and he is warming up to it. I know it must be hard for you to be away from Canada. Sometimes when you move to a new country everything is so new and interesting, that you don't start to feel homesick until you have lived there for a few years. Then you start to have these intense longings for your home country, which can become overwhelming.

Take care,


Count me in as your partner in billionairing! And how great that Hideki appreciates your roots, stubborn testostorone notwithstanding, he sounds like a great hubby.

Glad you're back in Japan though, I love your posts...


"a fruitless search for a certain kind of tomato that apparently doesn't exist in Toronto" Ha! Very funny line. Funnier if it was unintentional.

You lost me on the transit system rant. I assume you're saying that the Tokyo system is larger, but you say "here we have..." I guess if I look at it as though you're writing the blog in Tokyo it makes sense. I've never used Toronto's system, but geographically speaking it probably is spread larger than Tokyo.

For it's size, Tokyo's system is very easy to use. Paris: easy. London: easy. But I can at least read those signs. Tokyo's signage is very good, considering I can't read most of them without a decent amount of time and guessing. On the other hand, if you get lost on the Yamanote line, then something is definitely wrong.

The very few times that I travelled on Tokyo's trains alone, I made sure to know the route and the fare, and to use the least amount of transfers as possible. I also made sure that I transferred at stations I knew -- and I NEVER travelled during rush hour. I didn't ask any questions, except once and the person behind the wicket gave me all the right information - in English. Tokyo's system is great, especially if you use one of those smart cards.


What a brave husband you have!!! I give him credit for finding his way around, especially with the transit system!


Oh no--poor Hideaki! Next time we're coordinating ahead and I'm giving you guys a ride home. I thought it was just me who had a horrible time at Union Station.

And I can't believe we didn't run into him!


Oh yeah, and your family rocks. Seriously.

Chef Matt

I love your blogging style. Please feel free to stop by my blog anytime and look at my recipes. My blog is at: http://www.actualfoodforthought.blogspot.com/
--Chef Matt


Okay, so IF you and Hideaki are thinking of moving here - and you decide to settle in Vancouver (because you liked it so much before), I'd like to tell Hide about Japadog. There's a hotdog vendor who has a cart at the corner of Burrard and Pender (used to be at Burrard and Smithe), and he sells the Japadog - your choice of sausage with mayo, nori and all the good stuff that people put on food in Japan that we don't do here normally. I don't buy his dogs anymore because of a bad transaction once, but he's a really nice guy. He tells me though, that he misses MOS Burger.


It's pleasantly startling to hear you describe the sights and locales of Ontario's GTA. I've been a reader for a year now and never realized that you hailed from the same city. Lisa, your blog is an inspiration for its beautiful food presentation. Love it, and love that for once, I got a shock from recognizing and knowing the places you describe. Thanks for a great read!

PS- I went to high school at St. Joseph's SS, in Mississauga :)


I grew up in 3 blocks and a bridge over from Ontario in Buffalo. My friends and I have spent many of days in Canada especially in Toronto. I really miss it. Canada Is A beautiful country and i consider as home. You pictures brings me back home.

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